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Investor RelationsRapid growth in the mobile software market and the proliferation of smart devices at home, and at work, is shaping how the world communicates. Mobile applications are continuing to redefine the world as we continue to witness a significant increase in the number of large corporates seeking advice on how to enter the application and enterprise mobility software market.

As Australia’s leading mobile application developer, iApps has expanded, opening offices in Asia and New Zealand. The company’s focus on mobile innovation, combined with its ongoing commitment to research and development has positioned the company as an industry leader in mobile application development.

iApps Pty Ltd welcomes enquires from private investors and high net worth individuals, as the company continues to expand its operations.

By investing in iApps Pty Ltd, potential investors have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the world’s fastest growing industry
  • Gain valuable market insight from industry leaders
  • Secure a substantial ROI
  • Design, develop and deploy mobile software

Contact iApps to be placed on its exclusive investors list, and be advised when the equity investment is placed on offer.

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