Child of the Week


Developed to minimize sibling rivalry, and create peace and harmony in the home.

Child Of The Week is designed to teach fairness, equality and understanding–and gives each child a sense of responsibility. By programming perks and chores, and encouraging participation in family discussions, the application helps bring families together through shared, rotational responsibilities chosen by the parents.

‘Child of the Week’ provides a carefully crafted and compelling native iOS interface for all
 family members to use. Its core functionality is supported directly by a backend server platform, with only critical internal features such as content synchronization and offline data caching being the responsibility of the native client.

The server platform serves as the primary point of contact for the mobile application client, and facilitates the creation, distribution, and modification of all content; including privileges, chores, and decisions/discussions. It also supports a variety of secondary features such as dispatching push notifications, registration and account management–and provides a cloud-based content repository for the mobile clients.

Child of the week features:

  1. Provides parents with the ability to quickly and easily set up their children, chores,
and privileges within the application.
  2. Gives children visibility into the chores that they need to perform and the privileges that they are entitled to.
  3. Provides parents insight into the behavior and activities of their children, including when chores are completed and how consistent each child is at performing chores.
  4. Facilitates discussions and collaboration between family members when dealing with decisions that affect the family as a whole.
  5. Enables end-to-end communication between all family members, with proper feedback, gating, and filtering measures to ensure that each individual sees only the information that is relevant to them.
  6. Automatically manages the chore and child-of- the-week scheduling within the family and ensuring that everyone is kept appraised of their current status and any tasks which they must perform.
  7. Allows a parent to easily invite their spouse, partner, relative(s), or ex to participate
in and collaborate with the family.
  8. Maintains accurate records of decisions, chore completion, and other relevant events.
  9. Reduces administrative overhead, arguments, and dramas for parents.
  10. Supports end-to-end communication and synchronization operations between the mobile client application and the backing server platform.