Camps Australia Wide v1.3 Application Hits The Road


Reaching #1 Destination on the iTunes Store

Camps Australia Wide mobile application has travelled a successful road to reach the number 1 rating on the iTunes store since the version 1.3 release in June; revealing its strength to go the distance as the ultimate application guide for the budget and freedom conscious travellers exploring Australia.

Reaching number 1 in iTunes Australia under the Top Grossing Travel Application Category in early August, the Camps Australia Wide application has continued to command a strong position in the Top 3 of this category, proving its value as an Australian developed application that has been truly adopted by its target audience.

Designed and developed by iApps Pty Ltd, Camps Australia Wide application is a comprehensive, informative and interactive mobile application for the growing Australian caravanning and camping tourism markets. Providing valuable information on camping sites around Australia, the mobile application also allows travellers to interact with the interface by updating information, adding photos, comments and ratings of campsites.

iApps Pty Ltd are very proud of the achievement of the Camps Australia Wide application which they designed and developed in conjunction with Camps Australia Wide. Reaching the number 1 rating in the iTunes store further proves iApps position as a leading mobile application developer in Australia and their ability to produce applications that engage the target audience, delivering real value for their client and the end user.

“iApps prides itself on designing and delivering high end tightly integrated mobile applications that continue to provide significant return on investment for our clients. The success of the Camps Australia Wide application is a testament to the iApps team and a result we are proud that our client has experienced…” Rick Hoy, CEO of iApps.

“iApps was extremely reliable and timely on the delivery of our application, they were always very responsive. We are very happy at the ranking the Camps Australia Wide application has achieved”, said Phillip Fennell of Camps Australia Wide.

Further enhancements to the Camps Australia Wide application including rollout to the Android platform are currently in development with iApps and will be released soon. Camps Australia Wide Version 1.3 is available to purchase at the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad.