iApps in the CloudBiz


If you missed the inaugural Poole Group CloudBiz 2013 event on 17 May 2013, then be sure to pencil it in for next year.

The first event of it’s kind saw representatives of a large number of diverse businesses from around QLD converge on the Novotel Twin Waters venue for a great day of education and entertainment. The purpose of the day was to provide well rounded advice and expertise in all aspects of the new digital age for business, from running your operations in the cloud, to digital marketing and custom-built mobile applications.

Greg Tuckwell of Poole group kicked off the event with a great introduction to the day, and set the scene for the information in store. Steve Huff of Doble followed hot on his heels, and presented a unique perspective of the modern startup, from coughing up blood to safe lighting for doctors in medical tents in third world countries.

Michaela Fellner of ANZ Bank gave some insight into their roadmap for digital banking. It was very interesting seeing the newest internal custom mobile applications, what we call the “2nd Generation” mobility applications. Jason Forbes of Xero then gave a great summary of the history of the organisation and why cloud services have matured to the point that they are now more normal than ever before.

Then I had my chance to answer the fundamental questions of “why?”, that is, asking organisations why they think they “need an app” and then asking why their target users would bother using it. Matt Forman of Traffika followed up with a well presented explanation of the “3 pillars to win online” – I think a lot of people really gained a deeper understanding of how to think of marketing in the digital age and how it requires a mental shift from older approaches to remain relevant.

Colin Graham rounded out the presentations with an explanation of the key questions entrepreneurs need to answer to establish the groundwork for their business, what it is, why people need it, how it will grow and more. These are essential to understand in order to succeed in business, more than just creating a great new product or service.

We then wrapped up with an open forum and panel of experts. The questions were thought provoking and highlighted even more the way things have changed drastically in just the last few years, with businesses struggling to remain relevant in the new digital age.

The dinner was great, down on the shore of the lake, with heaters to take off the chill and magic tricks to keep us entertained.