Lessons Learnt in Mobilising the Enterprise

Experiences in Assisting Enterprise Mobilise

We are pleased to inform that due to a last minute schedule conflict, this webinar will now be hosted by Rick Hoy, CEO of iApps Australia. Gain further insight from the driving force behind iApps, a leader in Enterprise Mobility Application Development.

So it’s inevitable? Your business will need to adopt a Mobile Strategy?

With a world of new possibilities, comes a world of new questions that need answering. Native vs Hybrid?, Developing for multiple platforms?, Development and maintenance efficiencies?

In this webinar, Brett Nulf and Marvin Malcolm, share their in-depth industry experience gained through leading the IBM software group in providing Mobile Solutions to Enterprise around the world.

Advantages, hurdles and goals – Join Rick Hoy, CEO iApps, in discovering Brett and Marvin’s top considerations on integrating Mobile Solutions.


July’s ‘Lessons Learnt in Mobilising the Enterprise’ webinar will cover pertinent subject matter such as:

  1. What impact has the increase in consumer ownership of mobile devices had on the traditional enterprises and their business models?
  2. What are some of the biggest challenges that enterprises have in embracing mobility solutions?
  3. What are some of the more innovative mobility solutions that you have seen implemented and what benefits did those organisations gain?
  4. CYOD is a potential solution for BYOD challenges. Do you think that this is a viable alternative for the enterprise?
  5. How have you seen the mobility space mature in the past few years?
  6. Mobility encompasses more than just smart phones and tablet devices. What other mobility solutions have you seen appear in the marketplace?
  7. If you had to give some advice to an enterprise just embarking on their mobility journey, what would it be?

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This webinar aired on 18/7/2013 at 11:00am AEST. It is now available on-demand. Please fill out the registration form below to receive a link to the webinar.



Brett Nulf

Sales Lead – Worklight, Growth Markets

IBM Software Group

Brett has 25 years experience in the IT industry working and 10+ years focused on mobility technologies.  He has lived and worked around the world in the US, Europe and in Asia. 


Marvin Malcolm

Technical Sales Lead – Worklight, Australia

IBM Software Group

Over the past 20 years, Marvin has been helping enterprises unlock their data with integration and business process management solutions. He is currently leading the ANZ Worklight technical sales team, evangelising the benefits of enterprises embracing a mobile first strategy to meet their business goals.


Rick Hoy

iApps Chief Executive Officer

Rick is the Chief Executive Officer of iApps Pty Ltd. In Guernsey, Mr Hoy served as CEO for Data Transmission Corporation (DTC) for 11 years, and was a key participant in Developing Servicesat Ltd (Gibraltar) — a subsidiary of DTC, into one of the largest satellite communications companies operating in the region, expanding from its founding office in Gibraltar to offices in the UK, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Iraq, Afghanistan, Australia and Africa.

While acting as CEO for DTC Mr Hoy was also responsible for founding Global Marine Communications (Cyprus) a Joint Venture between DTC and The Evans Property Group in the United Kingdom, GMC was specifically founded to supply satellite communication systems and infrastructure to the largest ‘white boats’ and commercial vessels afloat. Mr Hoy is a serial entrepreneur with over 11 successful start-ups under his belt, including IT, Technology, manufacturing, distribution and retail, with the most successful, the sale of The Eclipse Group in the late 1990’s of which he held a 11% shareholding. The Eclipse Group was involved in the development of highly sophisticated back-end systems for the delivery of content and infrastructure to many of the companies in the DotCom era. Mr Hoy also holds a Bachelor of Business.