On Demand Webinar—SAP and Mobility

Empowering a more productive team

SAP-WebinarMany businesses using SAP are considering mobilising their workforce to increase productivity, but there are many questions and sometimes confusion around SAP and mobility.

In this webinar Natalie Krivushenko from iApps, will interview Paul Garrity from SAP to answer those questions.

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They will cover:

  1. How are SAP clients currently utilising mobility to enhance productivity?
  2. In SAP’s experience, what is the  first business process that an SAP client mobilizes first?
  3. What are the specific business processes where productivity and efficiency gains are most likely?
  4. Mobility and ROI?
  5. What are some of the current productivity challenges you have seen within the SAP product suite?
  6. How is Mobility addressing this?

    1. SAP Mobile Applications that  do not have the traditional SAP look and feel
    2. Intuitive, user friendly interfaces
  7. SAP’s roadmap for mobility?
  8. The pros and cons of using a SAP Mobility Application from the SAP store or building a custom built Mobile Application
  9. Q&A

During the interview there will be lots of case studies used and a time for Q&A at the end.



Paul Garrity

Mobile Solutions Manager

Australia and New Zealand

As SAP’s mobile solutions manager Paul currently manages the go to market for SAP’s mobile solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Natalie Krivushenko

iApps Business Development Manager

As an iApps sales consultant, Natalie uses her past experience as a SAP Mobile Solution Specialist to help her clients leverage the power of SAP to their mobile workforce.