Hardware Manufacturing

iApps utilises our links into offshore manufacturing in a variety of countries to drastically reduce the cost when planning production runs. By providing this service,  iApps is a one-stop shop for all your hardware requirements to compliment your systems.
iApps have a number of strategic links into manufacturing of electronics (components and systems) both within Australia, and overseas. iApps also directly manufacturer for smaller projects and prototyping.
When planning for production, the choice of facility and service will be largely driven by:

  1. the complexity of the product
  2. how “production-ready” it is
  3. the speed required to deliver
  4. the size of the run (where it is a Make To Stock run), or minimum batch requirements,
  5. the style of manufacture, ie:
    1. MTS – make to stock
    2. MTO – make to order
    3. BTO/ATO – build to order and assemble to order.

In all cases we attempt to optimise for cost when working with you to meet your needs.
The first step in entering this arena, expanding your existing capabilities, or taking the next step in growing your business, is to contact iApps and discuss your particular needs.
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