Industry Specific Applications

iApps delivers industry specific solutions from Australia to the world including mining, medical, finance, banking, freight, logistics, occupational health and safety, manufacturing and agriculture. Engage your workers in new ways —connect with your customers like never before.


Mining & Resources – Allow field engineers to make critical decisions anywhere, on any device. Leverage synchronisation for operational benefit, maximising output through decreased down time.

OH&S – Compliance to safe work practice is enhanced through powerful OH&S mobile applications. Locate, notify and relay crucial information to all your workers, and in the event of an incident –seek aide, communicate and process injury claims more effectively.

Agri-Business – Maximize your agricultural output and meet export objectives through industry specific applications. Track herds, monitor land usage and utilise automation to the benefit of your property managers-distributors.

Medical Equipment – Offer healthcare and training providers with equipment that will enhance their capabilities to respond quickly in an emergency. Whether it’s for training, or maintaining an electronic medical record (EMR), iApps will help you locate and develop a modern solution.

Banking & Finance – Equip field agents with the communication loop they require to excel in customer relationship management. Respond, resolve and reinvent your service with an iApps wealth management application.

Freight & Logistics – Better time the positioning of resources with a complete people and manpower management system. Restore utility to your operations, with minimal I.T infrastructure and through enhanced supply insight.

Manufacturing – Attract investment by increasing profits, decreasing costs and increasing floor productivity — Increase ROI with a customised inventory management and distribution system.

Hospitality & Tourism – Give your hotel the technological edge —decrease staff turnover, increase spend per guest and retain guest loyalty with an iApps hotel management application suite.

Public Sector – Pick an issue, locate it, annotate and relay it. Report public-facing issues directly —engage both your office and constituents directly, establishing a powerful communication flow between agents and administrative staff.

Retail Analytics – For boutique and retail owners, nothing is more important than a positive consumer retail experience. Manage products, document movement patterns, train staff, profile contacts and track valuable consumer data in fresh and exciting ways. Contact iApps and ignite your staff-customer experience today.

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