The iApps Expo contingent: Speed dating in Singapore!


Image by luca.sartoni

Its fair to say that the week of April the 15th-19th was pretty epic for the iApps Events team. After weeks of planning, Leah (BDM), Andrew (CTO) and I (Clare Addy, Marketing Manager) boarded the Brisbane to Singapore Red Eye express.

We were APAC Mobility Exchange bound—this Exchange is the fourth major prospecting / networking event in our New Business calendar. This particular event represents a milestone in our global vision and outreach: Our core offering is sophisticated Business Mobility Software Solutions—a digital component in demand worldwide. So this year is all about taking iApps global.

Our area of expertise is becoming increasingly implemented into all governing IT strategies and these are exciting times not just for iApps but also for mobility as a sector. Events of this nature provide an ideal environment in which to buddy up with delegates who have a real need aligned with our abilities and discuss further. The exchange format is simple once you get your head around it—speaking from experience it really does work… Suppliers and delegates are given visibility of each other’s profiles a short while before the event and are able to request appointments. These appointments are subsequently scheduled by the Organisers and, once interspersed with a few relevant Keynotes / Workshops, the scene is set.

We had around a dozen dedicated, 30 min slots with high-level executives from some of the world’s most discerning organisations. But, over and above their individual credentials and company kudos, what really shone through from our meetings was the realness of the project briefs being discussed. These attendees weren’t there for a posh buffet and a chin-wag (although that is all very nice indeed of course), they were there to do business.

After exhibiting and attending many an event too heavily focussed on schmoosing around laden with freebies & a vague sense of self importance, it was refreshing to engage with potential clients who had clear needs, objectives, timescales, expectations & (wait for it)…budgets.

Yes, the B word.

I strongly feel that even in initial conversations, where there is a clear project to be addressed money should not become the white elephant in the room. Because lets face it, not much is going to happen without any! It was helpful to be dealing with professionals who were transparent about / aware of their budget availability.

So there you go, a quick sticks rendezvous wins over a lengthy, laborious courtship when looking to establish relationships in this kind of environment. It’s out with the inevitably cringe worthy ‘who to talk to and how’ conundrum and very much in with diarised, dedicated & concise conversations regarding genuine potential projects. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not devaluing mainstream networking. The option of an evening vino when the serious stuff has been exhausted is lovely but isn’t it better to have the R&R as an option rather than an obligation. Position it as a bolt-on for furthering relationships or just engaging in a more relaxed dialogue rather than something that forms a key component of an event. Also, its far easier for all involved to position drinks and nibbles once you have had an opportunity to click with the parties in attendance.

So, the one to one meetings went well, the networking was carefully thought out and another positive addition to proceedings was our Application Hot Spot workshop: This went down swimmingly. Pretty much everyone in the room was on board with the session. These things are always a gamble but we ensured that we delivered a session that was constructive and enjoyable. We love this review of the session (from the Chairman himself!) “The iApps team promised a witty, refreshing, open discussion and they delivered on this and more. For 45 minutes Clare and Andrew led a great session that grabbed and held the audience’s participation and attention from start to finish. Rare skills when many other ‘open’ discussions are anything but – more should be like iApps – informative, refreshing and scribble worthy!”

So, in synopsis, its safe to say that we left feeling positive and really looking forward to speaking further with strong contacts established throughout the course of this challenging but worthwhile venture. To discuss how iApps can make your efficient more efficient with our comprehensive mobility solutions please contact Leah Coughlan (BDM)