Why you need a comprehensive mobile strategy


Image by the Iconfactory and arts4art

A Mobile Strategy is not an IT Strategy.  It is not a Marketing Strategy.  It is not an App strategy. It is not a BYOD policy.  It is not a device policy.  It is not Mobile Device Management (MDM). It is not a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MADP).

A Mobile Strategy is all of the above and more.

A Mobile Strategy is about mobilizing your business processes, bringing enterprise functionality to the end user so that he or she can access it via a user friendly interface, at the right time, with the right information and on their device of choice.

I have written before, that someone somewhere within your business is doing something in mobility.  And because of this, your Mobile Strategy needs to include all areas of your business.  Yes it needs to include IT. But it also needs to include sales, marketing, finance etc.

By including all areas of your business you will reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.  You will be able to better plan, budget, prioritize and see a quicker ROI when all areas of your business form part of your Mobile Strategy.

Google’s Eric Schmidt was quoted as saying, “You don’t have a future strategy if you don’t have a mobile strategy.”  And he is correct.  With the projection that by 2016 there will be five billion mobile users, a mobile strategy is imperative for every business across every industry now.

So before you start your mobility strategy, I urge you to bring together your IT and business leadership team along with key vendors to challenge the current status and brainstorm on the ways that innovative mixes of technologies can be utilized to mobilize your business.