Apple iOS 7

It’s here! The Apple mobile device platform, iOS 7, is now available.
Have you prepared for the impact it may have on your Application?

With the release of a new Operating System, comes a number of amazing new functionalities which we will leverage to their full potential to continue delivering innovative Mobile Solutions to our customers.

iApps have also been evaluating the changes developed in the new operating system to assess the impact it may have on all applications we have delivered and are maintaining for our clients.

We invite you to engage in our simple 3 Step Plan we have developed, which will ensure your Mobile Application continues to serve your business how it’s intended. We can provide you with a structured framework of what impacts have occurred, what impacts to expect, and present a clear pathway going forward.

Our clients who are currently on premier support obviously enjoy this service, but will also receive additional information, plans and timelines for any changes we will be addressing immediately to ensure the applications remain at the forefront and continue to be rock-solid.

To ensure your ongoing success, we encourage ANY company or individual that has released an application to factor in an ongoing support arrangement to not only cater for these changes, but to also proactively and regularly update your applications to keep them fresh, optimise them, fix the odd error when they occur and enhance them to stay ahead of the competition. All these activities are required to ensure success for your business, be it published on the app store or distributed to your employees internally.

iApps provides this service even for applications we didn’t build in the first place. If you would like to take advantage of all these benefits and leverage our expertise and operational cost savings, please contact us now.

New OS Assessment
Perform Assessment
Perform Fixes
  • Approach us to assess the impact of a new OS on your application?
  • Estimate effort to complete full assessment of impact and supply quote
  • Schedule resources to assess
  • High level functionality and UI assessment, note obvious SDK changes and issues that need further investigation. Complete a basic checklist and also list exceptions.
  • If further action is required – estimate effort and quote
  • Provide report and quote (if needed) to the client
  • Fix issues
  • Update app to test
  • Inform of progress and fixes, plus any deeper issues identified and fixed.
  • Re-review and complete when new OS goes Golden Master (public)
  • Push update to iTunes