Maze in the USA

Maze In The USA

Take every American state (including Washington D.C)—the world’s third largest country, throw in a maze, 3 different balls and you’re in for some fun.

Maze in the USA, allows players to navigate around the USA — visiting each capital city and Washington DC in the quickest time possible.

Select your own travel route between each capital city, tilting the ball accordingly until the final destination is reached.

The goal, visit all cities on the map in the shortest amount of time. How? —By tilting the iPad and navigating through the maze to all your selected cities.

The challenge? Choosing the right order of cities you wish to visit carefully enough that it doesn’t affect your score. Simple enough, or is it?

If you choose road trip mode — points are allocated based on the population of the city you’re travelling to, including how quickly you complete the maze.

Originally manufactured in 1995 as a bulky A3 board game consisting of one giant maze and 51 steel ball bearings, Maze in the USA Great for motor skills and honing your knowledge of American geography.

Take Route 66 and begin your MAZE in The USA road trip today.