Airtime Surveys


Take surveys and make a difference to the music played on radio or the shows you see on TV. The free airtime surveys app makes it easy, fast and fun.
Listen to music and shows and rate them when and where it suits you.

The airtime surveys app has been specifically design with entertainment research in mind.

Responding to a need to better reach radio, music and entertainment fans when it’s convenient and easy to do so, combined with the growth in the smartphone market globally, makes this iPhone App a new and exciting opportunity for short form entertainment focused surveys.

These surveys include rating music, personalities and shows.

The airtime surveys App is designed to complement our existing online research platform,, interfacing directly with it, giving respondents the choice to participate on the move. Already 100’s of thousands of people are signed up and taking regular surveys online each week. Now it becomes a whole lot easier.

NOTE: This app is a tool for existing members to make it easier to answer their surveys and be notified as new surveys become available. You will need to create an account on to use the app.


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