The funniest face video manipulation app for iPhone!

Take your best (or worst) features and use them to give somebody else a virtual makeover. Mash up an image of your neighbour’s cat or your best friend with yourself and video, complete with audio for the world to see.

Take a photo or use an image from your gallery and morph with your own facial features, captured by the front or rear-facing video camera. Overlay your parts over the chosen image – position, warp and distort to create a mismatched, frankensteinian collage.

Ever wondered what your future children will look like with your crush of the moment? Look into the future by muddling up their photo with your video image and find out. (**iApps do not guarantee accurate results of genetic recreations, and can not be held accountable for unattractive offspring.)

Capture your creation and share the hilarious videos with friends by posting to Facebook, YouTube or via eMail.

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