Fish Boat Nav

Fish Boat Nav

Fish, Boat, Nav is an iPhone application developed to offer a comprehensive range of information to fishermen including the ability to record details relating to a catch such as time, location, conditions, structure and a photograph of the fish caught. All of this information can be easily referenced at a later date.

Features of the Fish Section of the App

Accessing the fishing menu: Lets the user take a picture of their catch and log all the catch info under the species with all relevant details such as date, time, weight, length, how it was caught (lure, bait, fly details i.e.-colour/type, number of fish caught) technique ,choose bottom structure details

Ability to note the tide time and cycle, moon phase and GPS location with map of exactly where the fish were caught; Fishing Almanac; Fishing Green Zones by area or near me.

Shows you logged details of fish/snags/obstacles/moorings and hotspots in your current area or saved locations.

Fish, Boat, Nav databases all details to be accessed from multiple areas within the App. Search by Fish caught by species; Fish caught by location; Fish caught by Lure/Bait/Fly; Fish caught most recent; Fish caught by largest.

Species ID info including picture, links to size and bag limits, closed seasons, spawning closures.

Knots: Fishing or boating; Mono, Braid, Terminal

Features of the Boat Section of the App

The Boat section of the app offers a vast range of functions that can be used in conjunction with the fish section of the app or independently offering specific boating information.

Boating menu: Lets the user take a picture/s of their current mooring including GPS coordinates and map of location including details of the mooring. Lets you save boating obstacles, moorings. Access saved moorings, moorings near me, one touch access to the latest weather, tides, moon, sun, forecast and conditions; Green Zones; Boat ramps near me or by area selected; Emergency Numbers; Boat Maintenance – lets you log fuel usage and calculates average fuel consumption per trip with details of service expenditure and gives you oil amounts for premix engines after fuel top ups i.e.: 7.5 liters fuel @ 25-1 >300mls oil.

Features of the Navigation Part of the App

The Navigation part of the app, like the other sections, is able to be used independently or cross referenced with the fishing and boating sections to offer the user a complete overview enabling the user to navigate to an area by GPS coordinates or a saved location and gives distance to travel from current location. Other features of the Nav section of the app include:

Allows the user to set a straight line course to required GPS co-ordinates or saved waypoint i.e. – fish/snag/mooring/hotspot/location with the distance; One touch emergency numbers –i.e. Coast guard, Fisheries, EPA, River Watch, etc

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