Love Me Love Me Not


When Gen X and Gen Y (and even baby boomers) aren’t talking about their relationship, they’re thinking about it. The dramas she’s having with him… or he’s having with her… or she with her, or he with him…

Dramas in relationships are inevitable. They’re part of the price of love. But with no method for dealing with them, your life is a rollercoaster – and not a fun ride. It’s not hard to see why relationships fold.

Resolving any dispute requires negotiation. But here it’s not about “winning”. It’s about finding a solution that’s fair to both, that’s practical, and that leaves the relationship in better shape than it was before.

The developers of this app (authors, psychologists, and international negotiation specialists) have designed a psychologically sound process that can be applied in any relationship problem situation.

After working through it just once, you can apply it to any dramas in the future. And it only takes one of you to follow the process, for both of you to benefit.
Once you’re in the app, you’ll see it has two levels.

The words on the screens, and the text boxes that appear from these, provide the negotiation process – the method for resolving all your relationship dramas.

The pulsing hearts are the second level. These contain entertaining relationship “stories” – a blending of history, psychology and pop culture. They’re meant to read later – enjoyed over time.

“Love Me, Love Me Not… Couples” – your romantic relationship will never be better.