Prank ’em


Have the most fun ever playing jokes on your family, friends or even strangers with Prank ‘em. Choose your scenario, excuse yourself and let them answer your phone when it “rings”. Watch the fun as they take a call from a Mafioso, God or others. It’s all bogus but you may want to watch from a safe distance. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Sooo much fun
Thank you guys. This app was hilarious, I caught out so many of my friends and we had many laughs. Can’t wait to see what the next update holds.
– Peng1229

You have been waiting a long time to play the perfect prank on your brother-in-law. After doing some looking around and mulling over different ideas, you hit upon the best one ever. You’re already chuckling at how you think your brother-in-law will react.

Opening your new Prank ‘em application, you start selecting options that get the prank in motion. Hmm, will you block the caller ID or make it provocative? In a flash, you make a decision. A mafia thug is going to call your brother-in-law from a number that shows as “Unknown”. With just a few taps, you’re done. Congratulating yourself, you get ready to go meet your target victim and have a big laugh.

Prank ‘em is a new and DIFFERENT phone call prank application. Just select from the fun prank options to set things up then leave your phone next to the poor sap who’s going to answer.

You already know when the phone will ring or vibrate with your joke call because that’s part of the set up. Why not change the ringtone, just to make it all the more interesting and convincing? Excuse yourself or become otherwise temporarily unavailable a minute or two before the set ring time then watch and listen.

The results of using Prank ‘em are side-splitting hilarious. You can choose a provocative photo or caller ID and have calls coming from your “other” girlfriend or boyfriend or go with the unknown mafia thug looking for his loan repayment, your long lost father, God or others. The list offers plenty of variety and allows you play the perfect prank, regardless of the victim you’re unleashing it on.

Check out the features in Prank ‘em:

  • Hilarious joke application!
  • 7 prank callers to choose from
  • Selection of ringtones

This is a funny app! Download Prank ‘em to your iPhone now and start having loads of fun with it right away.

See this App in action here:

NOTE: Side-effects may include (but are not limited to) black eyes, castration and destroyed marriages. iApps Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for such results, users of this app accept full responsibility for the consequences.