Daily Inspirations

Present an innovative mobile exhibition for iPhone/iPad users that explores non-traditional methods of displaying, engaging with, and understanding the works of contemporary Australian artist, David Hart.


Deliver a mobile iPhone and iPad application that is designed to facilitate transaction, whilst still being visually enjoyable for end users.


iApps Pty Ltd delivered an intuitive and stylish mobile exhibition for the iPhone and iPad that challenges users to understand and explore the medium of David Hart’s contemporary art collections, whilst on the go. This was achieved through delivering 31 high resolution works in a manner which maintained the same medium as would be achieved if viewing them physically.


Downloaded by over 7000 art enthusiasts around the world, iApps Pty Ltd has assisted David Hard in extending the reach and online presence of his virtual gallery.

The David Hart’s Daily Inspirations mobile application is specifically designed to assist fans of his work to gain access and enjoyment from those works, in a way that facilitates interpretation and accessibility for collectors.

Enhancing David Hart’s online presence through mobile technology

David Hart is a renowned Australian artist with an already stellar following, so with this in mind, iApps Pty Ltd delivered an application that was social media friendly and able to connect with his fans in a way that unique. Moreover, this was achieved through taking short excerpts or ‘webisodes’ (web based episodes) that offers users tips and tricks from David Hart himself.  At present, the first publicly available ‘webisode’ has generated over 3800 views on YouTube, and has been consistently reproduced throughout various social media platforms.

Facilitating the promotion of Australian artists

iApps Pty Ltd seeks to assist Australia’s AUD$122million[1] commercial art industry through making the works of Australian artists more available to the greater international community.  David Hart’s Daily Inspirations is one of many mobile applications that have generated a ‘spillover’ effect for others within the art community whom seek to work with our team in extending their galleries presence in the new economy.

Achieving enterprise and promotional objectives

As aforementioned, developing applications for one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists, has generated somewhat of a ‘spillover’ effect to the benefit of iApps Pty Ltd and our client, David Hart. With future plans under construction for greater interactivity regarding the art community and mobile technology, iApps envision a more accessible future for artist and their works

[1] http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/8651.0/

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