Fish Boat Nav

Develop a comprehensive fishing, boating and navigation iPhone application that goes above and beyond to deliver relevant information to recreational anglers and boating enthusiasts.

For fishing enthusiasts wanting to get the most out of their weekend fishing trip, Fish Boat Nav provides you with all the information you’ll ever need, without requiring the user to spend thousands of dollars on satellite navigation equipment and expensive fishing directories.


Develop an all in one application that allows anglers and boaters to access crucial information essential for facilitating a seamless fishing trip.


A comprehensive mobile fishing, boating and navigation app (Fish Boat Nav) that permits satellite navigation access, a detailed list of zoning requirements, emergency contact numbers, marine knots guide, whilst also providing an angler with  all relevant statutory information relating to a catch.


A detailed list of zoning requirements, emergency contact numbers, marine knots guide, whilst also providing an angler with all relevant statutory information relating to a catch.

Through the design and implementation of an all-inclusive mobile fishing boating and navigational almanac, Fish Boat Nav seeks to enhance the fishing industry/ experience for anglers both domestically and internationally.


  • Record fishing hotspots
  • Log your favourite mooring
  • Identify and record boating/marine obstacles
  • Keep track of all your snag areas
  • Locate boat ramps
  • Real-time green zone data, restricted areas, and environmental buffers
  • Record exact co-ordinates of catch location, including technique
  • Humidity & precipitation
  • Wind direction & speed
  • Swell direction & height
  • Access wind speed data up to the hour through
  • Current temperature and future forecasts
  • Save your favourite boat ramp, including distance to get there
  • Locate boat ramps (pending)
  • Take photo’s of the ramps location, for future reference
  • Locate Bait & Tackle stores Find local restaurant’s, accommodation, and boating outlets
  • Locate Chandlery’s the world over
  • Record mooring co-ordinate’s
  • Share mooring locations with friends
  • Identifies obstacles
  • All you need to know fishing guide
  • Hints & tips

Assisting anglers on their fishing trips, whilst encouraging environmental conservation

Australians enjoy a wide range of recreational fisheries – from northern estuaries for Barramundi, to southern waters for snapper and King George Whiting, and inland waters for trout and native fish such as Murray Cod. About 80 per cent of the recreational catch is from salt water – in estuaries, off beaches and from the ocean. The remaining 20 per cent is fished from fresh water – from rivers, lakes, dams and ponds. Recreational fishing is a huge activity in Australia with about 3.5 million people fishing each year. It is also big business with anglers spending about $650 million just on tackle. That doesn’t include the $2.5 billion spend on boats 4×4 vehicles, accommodation, travel, charters, and all the other accessories[1].

Apart from being a source of food, fisheries resources are valued by the community in other ways. People derive reassurance knowing that the environment and the diversity of species are being maintained and that fisheries resources exist. The aquatic environment is also used by people particularly tourists, who do not capture the resource, but simply observe and enjoy it.

With this in mind, iApps Pty Ltd worked in conjunction with our client (an avid fishermen) to develop an application that capitalizes on the above statistics, whilst promoting and encouraging marine environmental preservation in Australia. This was complimented through iApps Pty Ltd and our client, suggesting the integration of an emergency marine contact directory that contained all relevant numbers in the event of a marine, or environmental emergency. It must noted that Fish Boat Nav is a continually growing application that will soon provide statutory requirements from abroad into its interface. Thus, it should not be used as a point of reference in countries outside of Australia at this point in time.

Facilitating adherence to statutory zoning requirements and marine safety

iApps Pty Ltd designed Fish Boat Nav to promote adherence to Australia’s marine zoning laws, utilizing the in-built GPS system on the iPhone to inform the user of the zone in which they are fishing in and, or how to locate them. Detailed in the fish almanac, are bag limits and sizes, designed to inform users whether or not the fish is legal for consumption. As aforementioned, Fish Boat Nav was designed to assist those in the event of an emergency, whether it is an environmental or safety issue. Some notable emergency contact numbers are the Department of Fisheries,

Achieving enterprise and promotional objectives

iApps Pty Ltd and our client (a local fishing personality), utilize a variety of methods to organically promote the download and distribution of Fish Boat Nav to paying consumers using the iPhone. Given the size of the industry and the extensive network supplied to us by our client, Fish Boat Nav has engaged both traditional media (television, print, radio) and social media to build upon its already strong following within the recreational fishing community.

Through promotion of local ‘bait & tackle’ stores, restaurants, accommodation, and marine mechanics, Fish Boat Nav and iApps Pty Ltd aim to increase local business whilst promoting the attractions approximate to the user also.

These objectives were achieved by

  • Free and paid press release distribution
  • Radio interviews with the client
  • Extensive social media and blogging (blogger, Facebook, twitter etc)
  • Organic redistribution of content
  • Online commercial advertising
  • Attendance and promotional at industry specific events (boating & fishing shows)
  • Rapport building with local business