Calliope Cattle Company — iHerd

Enhancing nationwide agri-business with mobile application technology and better positioning the Australian export economy to better compete internationally

For Australian station managers working on large properties, keeping a detailed and accurate inventory of all your property details is essential when meeting crucial export targets. One Australian cattle exporting company has achieved great results using mobile applications to decrease costs, increase profits and boost productivity.


Develop an application that streamlines the herd management process for station owners and managers on large properties by streamlining crucial property details and improving communications.


Web based server that stores crucial property details that has been recorded on either the iPhone or iPad.


Provides station owners with the ability to use synchronization as a powerful communication medium that assists in keeping all yard details up to date, eliminating the need to manually enter property details onto a desktop PC.

By streamlining the herd management process through deployment of a mobile  “stock book”, station owners and managers are now saving an average of 12 hours of labour per manager, per station, per month.

Enhancing the herd management process through digitisation and automation

As the Australian agricultural industry begins to realign its processes, the uptake of mobile technology to collect and distribute products for export is becoming more prevalent than ever. With the value of Australian agricultural exports set to reach AUD$34.6 billion in 2011-12[1], industrial scale mobile applications have never been more important when assisting Australian agri-business in coping with surging demands form international markets.

Facilitating the herd mustering and management process

Replacing obsolete traditional herd management, iHerd has become the primary tool for the collation and handling of crucial property details.  Calliope Cattle Company is one agri-business that utilizes iHerd when managing their five properties efficiently, using the program to muster, treat, and tally over 50,00 head of cattle. Prior to implementing iHerd on their various properties, Calliope Cattle quickly identified the need to shift towards mobile technology as it moved towards a more e-business approach to their management,

Achieving enterprise and export objectives

This innovative program and its aforementioned functions have lowered the operating costs of Calliope Cattle Company by saving in excess of 12 hours per manager, per month. With seven managers per property (five in total), Calliope Cattle is saving the collective figure of 1008 hours of labour per year and are now reaching their increased export targets due to less down time from managers whom previously required excessive time allocated to manual data entry.

These savings where achieved by,

  • Using synchronization to keep property details uniform
  • Effective inventory control and resource allocation
  • Improving communication between managers
  • Utilizing automation to streamline herd mustering


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