Karenji For iPad

Patenting and trademarking a board concept turned an idea into a full time business for one Australian management academic and her three sisters, as their company consulted iApps Pty Ltd in order to have the game developed into an innovative user-friendly mobile application.

By taking advantage of Apple’s Game Center and turn based gameplay, Karenji™ has delivered on its original concept of being an addictive user-friendly numbers application that is now being enjoyed by players on every continent.


Facilitating the transfer of a trademarked concept into the form of a mobile application that met design requirements symbiotic to their original vision for the game.


Drawing budgets, dealing with trademark and patent attorneys, establishing legal agreements and consulting with the iApps design team to bring fruition to the original concept. The game, Karenji™, is now being played in over 50 countries around the world.


iApps Pty Ltd developed Karenji™ as an interactive numbers game developed specifically for iOS5 on the iPhone and iPad. It is currently being played in over 50+ countries around the world, the game has generated a business that is currently managed by three Queensland families whom operate the business under its trading name, Kodus Pty Ltd. Although Karenji™ identifies its core competency as simply being a multiplayer numbers game for iPad and iPhone users, Kodus Pty Ltd now extend their products far beyond this.

Enhancing the User Experience Through Turn Based Gameplay

A turn-based strategy (TBS) game is a method of gameplay whereby users take turns when playing, as opposed to real time strategy where players compete in a tournament simultaneously. With this in mind, Kodus Pty Ltd approached iApps Pty Ltd in order to have their patented board game turned into a multiplayer turn based game that would take advantage of the new Apple Game Center to help springboard the popularity of Karenji™.

Facilitating User Retention by Eliminating Language Barriers

From its 2008 beginnings as a static board game, Karenji™ has witnessed a remarkable uptake with players from non-english speaking countries, partly due to its positioning as a numbers game with minimal text input. This however, was not coincidental, and required a great deal of design specification to ensure the game was language friendly and easily understood by non-english speakers. Karenji™ has seen multiple re-designs to ensure gameplay was optimised for non-anglophone countries, a necessary factor in determining whether a game is user-friendly and therefore, appealing to consumers.

Achieving Enterprise and Download Objectives

Based on the ‘freemium’ model, whereby the game remains free for the first twenty games, Karenji™ is harnessing the powers of social media to retain its presence on the web, iTunes App Store, and mobile browsing platforms. Due to Karenji™ being a patented original product, iApps Pty Ltd and Kodus Pty Ltd continue to work together in generating as much organic exposure to the product as possible, working with corporate and community media to achieve Karenji™’s targeted revenue figures.

This continues to be achieved through:

  • Free and paid press release distribution
  • Blogging
  • Product video streaming
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr and others)
  • Working with Australian Television and Radio on a weekly basis
  • Organising app reviews tailored to specific community demographics
  • Continuous branding and merchandising of the product


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