Child Of The Week Application Launched


Looking for a way to minimise sibling rivalry and create peace and harmony in your home? Try the latest application developed by the iApps team now.

Through our recent successful expansion into Asia, our new client Rachel Cox, located in Singapore, chose iApps to develop and deliver the specialised family focused platform, ‘Child Of The Week’.

Child Of The Week is designed to teach fairness, equality and understanding – and give each child a sense of responsibility. By programming perks and chores, and encouraging participation in family discussions, the application helps bring families together through shared, rotational responsibilities chosen by the parents.

The application works on a rotational basis, whereby all children in the family – from youngsters to teens – get to be the leader in their own home, for the week. By benefitting from the perks – and completing the chores – Child of the Week teaches children the role they play in contributing to the household.

“We are very excited and glad that we partnered with iApps to develop our Application. So much thought and effort went into the design and development on aspects I wouldn’t have even considered without their guidance”. Rachael Cox – Director, Child Of The Week

‘Child of the Week’ provides a carefully crafted and compelling native iOS interface for all
 family members to use, and is available to download now from the iTunes App-Store. Download it from here:

Further details about the ‘Child Of The Week’ application can be found on our website: