Blackberry Development

Blackberry Development
iApps Pty Ltd has dedicated BlackBerry developers. As the rise in development for entrepreneurial needs increases so to does our ability to design and deliver on this platform.
iApps are able to educate business professionals who are required to manage their business even while on the go.
iApps are proud to acknowledge the following features of how to streamline your business processes with the Blackberry application platform.
Blackberry offers:

  • CRM
  • Internet Faxing
  • Field Service
  • Order Entry
  • Organiser
  • Push e-mail
  • Text Messaging
  • Web browsing
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

While it has long been a platform of choice for the business community, Blackberry has also adapted and created a more consumer focused approach in recent times. With a high screen resolution over a bright and colourful TFT screen, this platform is now also much in use for high-end gaming and other interactive mass consumer applications.
iApps Pty Ltd technical excellence to deliver business value, ensures our clients receive solutions that are designed, developed and delivered on time and within budget.
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